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The first ever local brand of vacation rentals in the Maldives, airstar_airbnb aims in bringing you quality and unique vacation accommodations for every occasion.

The first ever local brand of connecting travelers to their needed destination accommodations in the Maldives, airstar_airbnb aims in bringing you quality and unique scenes of enjoyable spaces which sure of being fulfilling for you.

Get to know the Maldives through the eyes of a true local with our vast range of rooms, apartments & local activities that you can take part in such as night fishing or wind surfing while staying in locations that won’t break the bank. We have a compiled unique portfolio of the best and most renowned providers of accommodation bookings for you, our customers, to search for in just one tap. 



Has anyone ever wanted to just get out of their busy lives and take a spontaneous trip and truly experience the Maldives for what it is known for? Well, that was exactly our drive.    

airstar_airbnb was founded in 2020 with the dream of anybody in the world basking in the culture and local island life of the small island nation of the Maldives in the easiest of ways possible. We are the official brand of Ellipse., a renting room service provider, founded in August 2020.


Provision of the true local experience


To offer a wide range of vacation accommodations that fuses with the local island life